Lay Leadership

 Administrative Council
  • Chair: Monty Porter 
  • Vice Chair:  Gary Dowdy
  • Pastor:  Gérard Nsabimana
  • Admin Assist: Chris Nichols
  • Worship Director: Linda Porter
  • Youth Director:  Zach Foster
  • Children’s Director: Kim Bussell
  • Lay Leader:  Monty Porter
  • Lay Member to Annual Conference:  Tasha Casey-Loveless
  • Alt. Lay Member:  Emerson Thomas
  • Financial Secretary: Linda O’Neal 
  • Treasurer:  Tad Hall
  • Chair of Finance:  Randy Swinson
  • Chair of Trustees:  Gary Dowdy
  • Chair of SPRC: Tasha Casey-Loveless
  • Chair of PEFC:  Russ Tarpey
  • Co-Chairs of Children’s Education: Kim Bussell/Cassandra Cox
  • Youth Rep:  Izzy Johnson
  • Newsletter Editor: Lisa Syth



  • Admin Council:  3rd Thurs, 7 pm
  • Finance:  3rd Thurs, 6:30 pm
  • SPRC:   Quarterly (and as needed)
  • Trustees:  4th Tues, 6:30 pm
  •  PEFC:   Quarterly (Jan Apr, July, Oct): 3rd Sunday following worship
  • Chair:  Gary Dowdy
  • Members: Lisa Syth, Tasha Casey-Loveless, Monty Porter Sydney Ellwanger, Zach Foster, Randy Swinson, Natalie Keith, Melody Samonte
Finance Committee
Permanent Endowment Fund Committee (PEFC)
  • Finance Chair:  Randy Swinson
  • Ad Council Chair: Monty Porter
  • Ad Council Vice:  Gary Dowdy
  • Trustee Chair:  Gary Dowdy
  • SPRC Chair: Tasha Casey-Loveless
  • Lay Leader:  Monty Porter
  • Lay Member to Annual Conference:  Tasha Casey-Loveless
  • Finance Secretary:  Linda O’Neal
  • Treasurer:  Tad Hall
  • Members at Large:  Shirley Adams, Steve Lewis
  • Counters: Tad Hall, Linda O’Neal, Steve Lewis
  • Chair: Russell Tarpey  
  • 2024: Keith Hall, Phyllis Bolt
  • 2025: Christina Jobson, Jacob Bussell, Marjean Johnson
  • 2026: Monty Porter, Randy Swinson

Audit Committee

  • Randy Swinson,
  • TBA
  • TBA
Children’s Education Committee
Lay Leadership
  • Co-Chairs: Kim Bussell/Cassandra Cox
  • 2024: Summer Leone, Jasmin Johnson, Linda Porter
  • 2025: Alina Nsabimana, Carol Ferrell, Natalie Keith
  • 2026: Janet Henry, Christina Jobson, Mark Cox
  • Chair: Gerard Nsabimana
  • Lay Leader:  Monty Porter
  • 2024: Caapi Tarpey, Tasha Casey-Loveless, David Larson
  • 2025: Kathy Chancellor, Terry Muller, TBA
  • 2026: Kim Bussell, Cassandra Cox, TBA
Youth Council
Scouting Coordinator
Vacancy Filled in by Youth Council
  • Izzy Johnson
  • Bella Tipton
  • Emerson Thomas 
  • Dean Hibben
  • Zion Hibben
  • Isaiah Smith  
  • Kellen Loveless
  • Brad Snider