A pastor friend of mine recently wrote, “Pretty fascinating to me that the gospel writers don’t portray Jesus post-resurrection as posing and strutting like an action hero.  Instead, they share story after story of disciples finding Jesus hidden in plain sight. And maybe that’s how the kingdom works on us—not as a punch to the face, but as something slowly sneaking up on us from the background.” Think about some of the stories of Jesus revealing himself after the resurrection.  In Luke 24 we see two disciples walking along when Jesus comes walking up next to them and they don’t even recognize him.  Another time recorded in John 21 some of the disciples were out fishing and Jesus shows up on the beach.  Again, we see that the disciples didn’t recognize him. These stories remind us that although we might like Jesus to come in a blaze of unearthly light, the truth is we find him more at supper time or walking along the road.  I often find a sacred moment when I have intentionally set myself apart for a set time to be with God or to serve others like when I am at church camp or on a mission trip.  But it is also true that the sacred moments can often be found in our everyday moments if we will be ready to look for them.   If we look with our hearts, if we listen with all our being, if we live from one moment to the next and not just surviving one thing to the next thing, what we may see is Jesus himself, what we may hear is the first faint sound of a voice somewhere deep within us saying that there is more to life than surviving.  We may notice that these ordinary moments may already be sacred if we would only pay attention to how God is moving in the world around us.     Grace and Peace,   Pastor Chris Dodson