It’s halftime of the Super Bowl and I’m writing my article.   I’m sitting in the youth room at the church during their party.   I’ve been looking around the room at these 26 youth and adults now for half a football game, and I thought I’d share my breakdown.  There are about 6 Kansas City Chiefs fans in the room.   2 San Francisco 49ers fans.    Yep, the rest don’t even care that a game is on tv.  Most of the youth were engaged in the commercials for the first few minutes.   At halftime, there are 12 still watching both the game and commercials.  5 are excited about the halftime show, while the rest could care less.  

Estimates are that between 98 and 100 million people will tune into this game.  I wonder, kind of like our youth group tonight, how many people out of that 100 million actually care about the actual game.  I wonder what percentage tune in just for the commercials.   How many just tune in for the halftime show?   This is a large group of people, interested in many different things, all together for the same event.  We have a smaller version of that right in front of me right now.

There’s something about our own uniqueness, our own passions, the special way each one of us is wired that makes each of us different.   Yet, for the right event, for the right passion, for the right cause, people can still gather together.   Like for a Super bowl. 

Or for church.   Sometimes there’s actually a strength to different people with different passions coming together.  I think Paul knew that when he wrote:  “Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” (1 Corinthians 12:12).

Some of us love football. Some of us love the commercials.  Some of us enjoy working with children and youth.  Some of us teach.  Some of us like sitting in the front pew.   Some of us savor our seat in the back.  But it takes all of us together to be the body of Christ.   To grow the Kingdom of God, to care for those inside and outside the doors of the church, to reach the potential God sees in us, we bring our uniqueness together, and we share life together.

Who knew a youth group Super bowl party could teach us something so Super about ourselves?


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chris